Our Story


We began our journey eight years ago, with the first interview with our first-ever wine cellar prospect. Ever since, we’ve been dreaming together with our clients, and we’re passionate about helping each one to make their dream come true.

Homeowners dream about creating memories. Business owners dream about creating a luxury experience for their customers. Whether incorporating a wine cellar into a home, restaurant, hotel, country club, wine store, casino, or anywhere else, our mission is to walk alongside each of our clients, ensuring they land the best design and materials for their wine cellar.

One crucial aspect of our story is our love for nature. While creating a luxurious product, we invested effort to ensure that our materials are friendly with the planet’s resources. We have curated wood options that are the best in eco-friendly wood types for sustainable wine cellars, while also being of the highest quality.

 wine cellar


Our artisans set us apart, and are the heart of our business. We wanted our products to have a story, and to be handmade with the same passion we share with our clients. That’s why we chose expert craftspeople, many of whom have created art in wood for 20 years or more, whose experience truly shows through in the expertly crafted and beautifully carved wine racks they create. We’re proud to have these skilled partners on our team.

We combined each component and became what is today Root Stock Wine Design. A wholly committed to the superiority of each project company with a passion for detail, who commit to each project with heart and determination.

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